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    Covering Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Nottingham and further afield, here is what we offer.

Our Services

What We Do

Diamond Drilling Services

The use of a diamond drill bit means that the core drilling that we do creates a precision result and is ideal for making openings in especially tough materials like concrete, metal, stone, asphalt, tile and glass.

The additional benefit of this kind of drilling is that it is non-percussive and so the structural integrity of the material is maintained during the process. The work is quiet and creates little dust, making it possible to be used in any location with minimal disruption.

Sawing Services & Concrete Cutting

The advantages of sawing are that it gives you a clean and square-cut edge and is more cost-effective than water jet cutting. Non-standard bar sizes are not a problem with our service and we can cut stainless steel, nickel alloys, duplexes and aluminium.

Our concrete cutting services mean that you will see a clean and neat finish with minimal mess left behind. We use processes of controlled sawing, diamond drilling by highly-skilled operators who are experienced in delivering a great result.

Selective Demolition

Demolition is a skilful job which requires proper planning and consideration of health & safety issues. We make sure that the selective demolition work that we do is carried out with the utmost precision, the best machinery, and a high level of skill and care to bring you a great result.

Strip-Out Services

We will take care of all aspects of stripping out a building, including removing all fixtures and fittings as well as ceilings, stairs, floors and structural/non-structural walls in preparation for redevelopment or refurbishment of the property.

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